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Microsoft Copilot

Get Started With Microsoft Copilot

Revolutionize your workflow with artificial intelligence integrated into the daily tools you already use. The keys to success include change management, user adoption, and tight control over content and data sources. With Puzzlepart, you get a solid partner and a smooth and secure introduction to this technology.

Copilot – The Assistant Which Puts You In The Driver's Seat

Copilot is a tool designed to aid you directly within the applications you're already using.

With Copilot, you gain an AI-based assistant in tune with the way you work, one you can command to take on both simple and complex tasks for you.

It operates primarily through user commands given to the AI helper, relying on natural language instead of buttons and icons.

Prepare For Copilot With Puzzlepart

We have a "Get Ready for Copilot" program to assist you with several vital tasks:

  • Quality Assurance for Content and Data Sources: Review existing content and documents to ensure proper classification.
  • Review Access: Ensure tools, documents, and workspaces in Teams, SharePoint, and other relevant applications have appropriate ownership and user access.
  • Understanding and Usage: Get to know Copilot's functionalities to fully realize its potential and tackle any challenges.
  • Employee Training: Certify that all employees are confident in using Copilot.
  • Licensing: Make sure that everyone who needs to use Copilot has the correct license.

Prepare For Copilot Management

  • Integrate it with relevant systems and data sources.
    Copilot for Microsoft 365 is designed to seamlessly work with the solutions you're already using. However, it's critical to examine how all your systems connect to extract the greatest value from Copilot.
  • Proactive Management
    We provide ongoing governance services, ensuring you get the most from Copilot. We support your IT department, ready to answer questions and resolve issues as they arise.
  • New Opportunities
    Artificial intelligence, with tools like Copilot, heralds unprecedented opportunities for value creation and introduces new ways of working. Partnering with Puzzlepart, you stay ahead with technology innovations.

With many years' experience in change management and deploying Microsoft collaboration and productivity technologies like Power Platform, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and Copilot, we are an ideal partner for businesses and organizations who want to leverage Microsoft's cloud technology to work better together, increase productivity and engangement, automate routine tasks, and open up for faster innovation.

Take Control Of Copilot With Proactive Governance

Our unique IT management service, Assist, empowers you to build a Center of Excellence for Copilot management. Take control over your content, data sources, access, and classification.


Pål Even Jahren

Workshop: Get Ready for Copilot

An excellent starting point is a brief workshop where we explore opportunities and challenges unique to your business, assess licensing needs, and discuss the way forward. Book a meeting with us now.

Pål Even Jahren

Power Platform Lead