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Bedre prosjektstyring

Project Management Tools

Puzzlepart develops two advanced project management tools, both built on Microsoft's cloud platform.

Project Portal

Built for the Norwegian public sector, this tool supports Prosjektveiviseren from The Norwegian Digitalisation Agency (DigDir) and is used by municipalities, county councils, and government agencies.

Choose the Project Portal if you desire maximum functionality "out-of-the-box."


Designed to support the implementation of your company's project methodology, it is used by enterprises in both the private and the public sectors.

Choose myProjects if you require a customizable solution that aligns with your project model and can be tailored to meet various needs.

Key Features of Project Portal

  • Includes standard task lists, checklists, and document templates from Prosjektveiviseren.
  • Advanced configuration area in SharePoint
  • Ready to use "out-of-the-box" with no additional setup
  • Freely distributed via GitHub

Key Features of myProjects

  • Customizable for each client, enabling the creation of unique project models
  • A dedicated data layer for enhanced reporting and KPIs
  • Fully customizable template areas
  • Clear overview of access permissions through tailored access management

Common Features for Both Tools

  • Supports an unlimited number of projects and users
  • Built on Microsoft's cloud platform with support for Dynamics 365, Teams, SharePoint, and Power Platform
  • Installed within your own Microsoft tenant, offering complete control over access, rights, and sharing
  • Provides industry-leading document handling
  • Integrates effortlessly with Tasks, To-Do, and Microsoft Planner out-of-the-box

Managed Services For Project Tools

With Assist, you get tailored management for either Project Portal or myProjects, ensuring the environments and solutions are managed appropriately. We offer service desks, named resources, and guaranteed SLA agreements.


You Need A Project Management Tool To Avoid:

  • Inconsistent initiation and execution across projects
  • Best practices are often buried within rarely used quality systems
  • Excessive time spent searching for relevant information, templates, and decision-making materials
  • Ambiguity in roles and responsibilities
  • Manual, time-consuming status reporting
  • Lack of knowledge transfer

Does this feel familiar?

If these challenges resonate with you, contact us to discuss your needs and the possibilities. We are ready to assist you!


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