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Project Portal

The Project Portal is a comprehensive solution for public sector project management, following the Project Guide from the Agency for Digital Government. The Project Portal is installed in the customer's Microsoft 365 tenant and supports SharePoint and Teams.

The solution was launched in 2014 and is distributed as "open source" (MIT license) on GitHub.

The Project Portal is managed by a dedicated team of developers and advisors in close cooperation with our customers.


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Core Features of the Project Portal

A complete project management solution for the public sector.
  • Complies with Prosjektveiviseren from Norway's Digitalization Agency (DigDir)
  • Comes with standard tasks, document templates, and phase checklists
  • Project tasks are integrated with Planner and Tasks
  • Built on Microsoft 365 - leverage the power of SharePoint and the flexibility of Teams
  • Portfolio tools for reporting aggregated projects
  • Benefits module for registration and follow-up of benefits
  • Project log
  • Monitoring and reporting of project deliveries
Jan Lindset

Features and Modules

Full overview with portfolio tools

The Project Portal makes the workday easier for portfolio and project managers. Traffic light indicators at portfolio and project levels simplify reporting. Share experiences and increase knowledge and competence internally with experience and deviation logs.

Easy handling of standard templates

It's easy to establish and manage a library of standard templates such as project plans, budget templates, and more. Standard templates and documents can be easily incorporated into projects as needed.

Unmatched document management

SharePoint offers powerful tools for document management. Edit documents via browser or Office clients. Write together with others - in real-time. Use metadata and folders to get the overview you want.

Simple and powerful task engine

The Project Portal uses Planner for task management. This makes task planning and management straightforward. Standard tasks can be entered into all new projects. Set deadlines, and view them as a timeline for clear progress. Project members can view and update their tasks from PC, tablet, and mobile through the Planner app.

Checklist for phase transition

The Project Portal supports the use of checklists between each phase, making it easy to ensure the project is on track. The checklist is based on Prosjektveiviseren and can be easily adapted to individual needs.

User rights management

The Project Portal uses SharePoint's powerful rights engine. Each project has its own groups for owners, members, and visitors. Through standard rights management, you can provide targeted access to project content and easily share with external users.

Benefits achievement

Create and track benefit achievement with the Project Portal. The benefits module was created in collaboration with Vestfold and Telemark County Municipality (VTFK) and Oslo Municipality.

Construction and Engineering

Own template sets, checklists, phases, and more for construction and engineering projects.


Gain better control of projects that belong in the same program.

Management Services For The Project Portal

With our unique management service, Assist, we take responsibility for maintaining and updating the Project Portal. With a Service desk and reliable SLA, you can focus on the projects while we take care of your installation.



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