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CRM: Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365: Your Complete CRM Solution

Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is Microsoft’s suite of business applications designed to help organizations manage and optimize various aspects of their operations, such as sales, marketing, customer service, and project management.


Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement includes a range of apps designed to meet different needs, but with the possibility to share the same data foundation.

Storing all customer data in one place, data can be leveraged in a whole new way and provide a better and more professional customer experience.

For example, the sales department can follow up on leads generated by the marketing department from the website or campaigns, the marketing department can utilize the contact lists of the sales team, and customer service can benefit greatly by using marketing resources to distribute newsletters and important information about different products and services.

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Our Focus Areas

Dynamics 365 Sales


A common and streamlined sales process, activities, and proposals, insights via reports, dashboards, and artificial intelligence - these are crucial elements to provide potential and existing customers with a professional experience.

Puzzlepart has extensive experience customizing the Dynamics 365 Sales module to your work processes, offering you a complete sales solution with improved data quality and easy access to customer information.

Dynamics 365 Marketing


Targeted segmentation, simple and efficient email marketing, event management, and analytics - use the data foundation in Dynamics 365 Marketing to enhance your marketing strategies and understand how customers respond to them.

Puzzlepart assists you in getting started with the Dynamics 365 Marketing module so you can create engaging newsletters, get a full overview of event and webinar registrations, and reach the right customer segments.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Customer Service

Manage cases and inquiries, provide customer access to FAQ sections and "My Page" functionality on the website, manage service agreements, and use artificial intelligence to offer the best service and analyze customer feedback. Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a comprehensive solution for efficient customer service.

With Puzzlepart, you’ll get a partner with extensive experience in the field and advisors on how you can increase customer satisfaction with simple measures.

What Puzzlepart Does

Insight and Analysis

We help understand how people work, how processes should be improved, and which apps in Dynamics 365 can support these.

Change Management

We assist with workshops, skills enhancement, and training, ensuring that the business has the willingness to change and focus on realizing the benefits.

Development and Low Code

We have an experienced development team with good references. We do everything from pro-code to low-code and have experience integrating Dynamics 365 with other data sources.


Our team can assist with data migration from old to new solutions or from Excel spreadsheets or other data sources with important customer data.

Efficient Collaboration

Digitalization requires collaboration between customer and provider. We create a good work environment and focus on mastery and efficiency.

Proactive Management

We take on the responsibility to manage workflows, apps, environments, and expertise with our unique management service, Assist.

Benefits of Dynamics 365

Prebuilt Functionality
Spend less time building complex, automated processes.
Integrated With Microsoft 365
Dynamics 365 is closely integrated with Microsoft 365 applications like Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint.
Part of Power Platform

Organizations using Dynamics 365 can benefit from Power Platform tools to customize and extend functionalities, like Power Automate, Power BI, and connecting to other Power Apps.

Customized Adaptation

The apps can be easily customized and extended to meet the unique needs of your organization by adding custom fields, forms, workflows, and integrations with other data sources.

Security and Compliance

Microsoft invests in security and compliance with current laws and regulations, which helps organizations protect customer data and comply with regulations such as the GDPR.


The platform can grow with your organization and adapt to changes in business.


The apps are available on mobile and tablets, enabling you to access vital customer information anywhere, at any time.

Take Control Of Dynamics 365 With Proactive Management

Our unique management service, Assist, makes it easier to take good care of your investment in Dynamics 365. With our Service Desk, you are ensured access to the right expertise.

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Which Solution Is Right For You?

The choice between Dynamics 365 apps and Power Apps depends on your specific needs and requirements. Many organizations can benefit from both Dynamics 365 and Power Apps based on specific use cases and demands. Both Power Platform and Dynamics 365 integrations enable communication between many tools and platforms. Together, these products form a powerful package for digital transformation and business process enhancement. Here are some guidelines for when you should consider using Dynamics 365 apps, and when Power Apps may be more appropriate:

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Apps

Dynamics 365 includes various apps that are specialized for different business areas, such as Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Marketing, and Dynamics 365 Customer Service. The apps are prebuilt and have a lot of built-in logic, functionality, and artificial intelligence that can be used right out of the box. The apps can be quickly customized to your needs and work processes, allowing you to get started with the solution rapidly.

Use Dynamics 365 if you require typical workflows for sales, marketing, and/or customer service and want to start quickly.

Power Platform

Power Apps

Power Apps provides the ability to build custom apps from scratch, enabling the creation of the exact functionality you need, regardless of industry or business area. For example, you could create a simple CRM solution from the ground up, but without all the advanced functionality and artificial intelligence found in the Dynamics 365 apps.

Use Power Apps if you need more flexibility and tailor-made solutions for general business purposes.


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