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Proactive Management with Power Platform Assist

Microsoft Power Platform enables working in entirely new ways - with opportunities to create, automate, analyze, and integrate solutions like never before. However, succeeding with Power Platform requires good management. With our management solution, you get a complete solution for taking control of Power Platform.

What is Power Platform Assist?

Power Platform Assist includes services that enable long-term gains through skills development, operational support, and management of Power Platform.

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The service includes:

  • Management framework: Development of a governance model tailored to your needs to ensure efficient and secure use of Power Platform.

  • Operational assistance: Get your own Power Platform Admin Center for implementation, monitoring, and reporting, and support to maintain optimal operation of your solutions.

  • Security and compliance: Ensures that your solutions meet the company's security and compliance requirements.

  • User adoption and skills development: Offers training and workshops to increase user adoption of Power Platform and build internal expertise in creating apps, workflows, reports, and AI-based assistants.

  • Application development and customization: We assist you with the development of customized solutions that meet specific business needs.

  • License management and optimization: Guidance in license management to ensure cost-effective use of the platform.
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What is Power Platform Assist?

How can Power Platform Assist help our organization or business?

What main elements include the management service?

How does Power Platform Assist ensure security and compliance?

What does application development and customization entail in Power Platform Assist?


Governance report for effective management. Get a complete overview of KPIs and metrics on relevant components such as compliance, apps, workflows, connectors, and more.

Power Platform Admin Center

The Power Platform Admin Center includes DLP (Data Loss Prevention) configurations that limit which data sources are allowed to be used and which can be combined in the same solution. For example, this can effectively prevent the transfer of internal data out of the solution. Also take control over the use of Premium licenses in specific environments, to limit unintentional misuse.

Rapport Power Platform Admin Center

Example of functionality in the Power Platform administration center. Here, reports on skills requirements and task distribution within a team are generated.

Rapport Power Platform Admin Center 1

Example of functionality in the Power Platform administration center. This report displays task types in various categories.

Why do we need to take control of Power Platform?

Achieve Strategic Goals

With Power Assist, you get the confidence to develop flexible solutions based on strategic goals, business needs, and IT standards. It becomes easier to monitor and measure the results and effects of the solutions.

Promote Culture and Collaboration

Control over the platform is a prerequisite for promoting a good internal culture of collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement among users, developers, and administrators.

Smart Use of Resources

Good management of Power Platform helps to avoid duplication of content, processes, and generally resource needs. It reduces waste and unnecessary use of resources. It enables the optimization of the platform's utilization and reduces costs.

Security and Scalability

Having control over the platform ensures that you can build reliable, compliant, scalable solutions that can be maintained over time. It also makes it easier to comply with best practices and quality standards in the organization and the industry.

Microsoft Maturity Model

Puzzlepart uses Microsoft's maturity model to ensure that the customer's strategies, goals, and plans are aligned with the current and desired level of user adoption. This model forms the basis for planning all work, from the insight process to management.



Why Choose Power Platform Assist?

With Puzzlepart as a partner, your investment in Power Platform will be properly taken care of.

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We handle the technical aspects of Power Platform so you can focus on your job.


The agreement regulates prices, availability, error correction, and consulting.


Our specialists ensure that your solution is in the best hands.


Our services can be tailored to your unique needs and goals.

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