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Enhanced Collaboration with Microsoft 365

Enhanced collaboration focuses on people and efficient processes but also encompasses solid foundation, communication, and the effective use of technology. At Puzzlepart, we've been working with Microsoft technology to facilitate collaboration since our beginnings in 2008.

The technology for collaboration is rapidly evolving. It's more important than ever to work together effectively and ensure that our colleagues are proficient with the tools we use every day to tackle our tasks.

Good Tools Are Half The Job

However, solid foundation, ownership, understanding of technology, and mastery are equally crucial. To successfully adopt new technology, we need to empower people by promoting user adoption and managing change well.

We need to foster an awareness and desire to change work habits for a successful implementation of new technologies and to truly enhance collaboration. That’s why we focus on our speciality: change management for the implementation of Microsoft technology.


What does good collaboration look like?

  • Having an efficient workflow
  • Being able to quickly and securely find needed information
  • The ability to work on documents while communicating in meetings or chats.
  • Making decisions and clarifications faster
  • All integrated on a single platform
  • Well-structured channels with defined workspaces
  • Mention colleagues, teams, or channels for easy notification of new events
  • Facilitation of flexible work
  • Task management
  • A hybrid work environment

How Does Puzzlepart Help Clients Improve Collaboration?


Understanding the client's business, how employees work, their desires for better collaboration, and how the assignment can be handled.

Business Analysis

Mapping out work processes, document flow, organizational structure, and culture. Examining the use of professional systems and potential replacements or integrations.


Generating ownership and understanding of how changes in work habits will impact the organization. Ensuring that leadership is involved in the transformation.


Ensuring everyone is informed about what's to come, setting expectations, and explaining the timeline clearly.


Building a network of adept digital employees to assist colleagues with mastering new technology and developing their digital skills.

Skills Development and Training

E-learning, physical or digital courses, webinars, Q&A sessions, and gamification.


Ensuring lasting changes and that all employees feel adequately supported.

Psychological Safety

Creating a space for collaboration within great teams through respect, openness, and honesty.

Proactive Management Service for Microsoft 365

We offer tailored management with technical administration and proactive change management, customized to your needs.


Proaktiv forvaltningstjeneste for Microsoft 365

Vi tilbyr skreddersydd forvaltning med teknisk administrasjon og proaktiv endringsledelse.
Vi tilpasser forvaltningen til deres behov.

How Do We Get Started With Better Collaboration?

The essential tools for excellent collaboration in the Microsoft cloud are:

Microsoft Teams


For Conversations and Group Discussions

All meetings, conversations, and documents in one place - all the time.

  • Quickly reach out to colleagues by tagging them with "@"
  • Get quick access to the documents you are working on
  • Keep track of discussions in various groups and departments
  • Enhance knowledge sharing throughout the organization

Microsoft Teams has set a new standard for how we collaborate in teams, projects, departments, and across the entire organization - and of course, how we engage with external users.



For Secure Storage and Sharing

Get your documents in order by creating a better culture for collaboration and sharing.

  • Secure document storage
  • Lists and data collection, including from the web
  • Publish guides and manuals for employees
  • News and newsletters with audience targeting

SharePoint provides employees with a central place to create sites, collaborate on projects, and manage information. SharePoint supports advanced document management and secure sharing with external users.

Viva Engage

Viva Engage

Your Social Network

It is important to distinguish the various communication channels in a company so that we can have a more relaxed environment.

  • Create different groups for different interests in the organization.
  • Make announcements that all employees see.
  • Use Engage to praise employees and spread good vibes.
  • Share daily work situations with colleagues.

Viva Engage is the organization's social network, facilitating both professional, job-related, and social communication. Create a variety of communities with different focus areas and different member groups

Power Platform

Power Platform

For Consolidated Work Processes

It's time to bid farewell to large Excel sheets and storing contact information in Outlook.

  • Build Power Apps on top of SharePoint or Dataverse.
  • Harness the power of existing apps in the Dynamics 365 CE universe.
  • Create better workflows through Power Automate.
  • Visualize and analyze data with Power BI.

Microsoft's Power Platform allows you to structure critical data and achieve a unified workflow. Collaborate on important data in apps or create flows that simplify manual processes and share them with colleagues.


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