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Intranets For Growth

Microsoft Viva and Intranets

An intranet is a pivotal tool for sharing information, collaborating, and communicating within a business. In 2024, intranets remain as relevant as ever, evolving into efficient, unifying, and accessible platforms that weave together an organization's communication channels seamlessly.
At Puzzlepart, ww have built intranets for numerous clients across different industries, from small organizations to large international corporations. 

A Well-Designed Intranet Is:

  • Engaging: It should motivate and inspire employees, provide ample opportunities for feedback and participation in conversations, and foster a positive organizational culture.
  • Efficient: Employees must be able to quickly find the information and tools they need to perform their work and stay updated on news and events.
  • Current: Intranet content must be maintained, edited, and updated—or deleted when outdated—to ensure reliability and support effective collaboration.
Puzzlepart Intranett

What Can A Modern Intranet Do For Us?

Microsoft 365 opens new ways to collaborate with a unique suite of cloud services.

Key features of a modern intranet include:

Advanced Search and Retrieval

Powerful, user-friendly tools that help employees quickly find relevant information, people, and documents.

Efficient Communication

Easy and intuitive access to essential information through news and articles, handbooks, guidelines, corporate information, and departmental pages on the intranet.


Making features and content accessible on mobile devices enables employees to connect with the intranet anywhere, at any time.

Knowledge Sharing

Dedicated areas for sharing knowledge and ideas, like internal forums, discussion groups, and collaborative workspaces, enhance interaction and promote innovation.

Personalization and Customization

Adapting the intranet to individual preferences and tasks, through tailored news feeds, alerts, and dashboards with relevant content.

Self-help and User Support

Providing fast access to training resources and user assistance to help employees resolve common issues independently.


Important Tools In A Modern Intranet

Microsoft 365 is a unique collection of cloud-based services which open up completely new possiblities for collaboration.

Microsoft 365's suite of cloud services provides:

Viva Engage

Viva Engage

Building Culture and Social Collaboration
With Viva Engage, it is possible to build a digital community for easier collaboration, idea sharing, and knowledge spreading, enhancing social communication within the organization.

Viva Connections

Viva Connections

All In One Place
Viva Connections aggregate all the necessary tools in one place and integrates with Teams to simplify navigation and keep employees informed, all within the familiar Microsoft ecosystem.


Microsoft SharePoint

Information Hub For The Organization
SharePoint is a robust platform supporting news publishing, document management, and collaborative efforts. It facilitates project work, and provides an intuitive space for organizing and collaborating on documents and resources.

Microsoft Stream

Microsoft Stream

Centralized Video Content
Microsoft Stream is a centralized platform for handling and sharing video content. Effectively share training materials and internal announcements, engaging employees through visual content.

A strong intranet leverages these tools in unison, and can also be integrated with other Microsoft platform tools or relevant third-party tools, providing robust support for effective collaboration in Microsoft Teams.

Strategies For A Successful Intranet

  • The Intranet as a platform for official information dissemination
    The purpose is to create effective dissemination of communication from the management and across the organization. SharePoint works well as a tool for building staff handbooks, guidelines, department information, and the like, while Teams becomes a tool for sharing information, creating dialogue, and collaboration.
  • The Intranet as a platform for open dialogue across the organization
    Here, the focus is on creating engagement and involvement across the organization. Teams is used as the official workspace and information channel in departments, projects, and groups within the company, while Viva Engage is leveraged as a channel for informal dialogue and social interaction.
  • The Intranett as a platform to get the job done
    Here, it's about creating progress and working as efficiently as possible with cloud services to foster productivity. Tasks by Planner makes it easy to focus on work tasks, while document management and advanced retrieval make it simpler to continue where you left off yesterday. Power Apps and Power Automate enable the streamlining and automation of work processes.

These strategies are not exclusive; a successful intranet incorporates elements of all of them to align with an organization's needs.

Why Choose Puzzlepart To Build Your Intranet?

As specialists in creating intuitive, user-friendly intranets within Microsoft's cloud platform, Puzzlepart brings extensive experience and expertise in SharePoint, Teams, Viva Engage, and the Power Platform. Our established model for intranet delivery includes:

  • Insight and Analysis: Identifying user needs, business objectives, and challenges, providing strategy, structure, and design recommendations.
  • Implementation and Customization: Building an intranet with modern functions, integrated with other services and systems, content planning and strategy support, and training for editors and content producers.
  • Management and Continuous Improvement: Offering long-term support in operating, maintaining, and evolving the intranet, training, guidance, and second-line support.

Puzzlepart is an established and recognized Microsoft Partner, with a track record of satisfied customers across various sectors. Let us show you examples of our work. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion about how we can help create an intranet that serves your needs.

Take Control Of Your Microsoft 365 Intranet With Proactive Management

Our unique management service, Assist, helps you take charge of your intranet in SharePoint and Microsoft 365, offering technical and practical advice, content management, troubleshooting, training, and technical support.


Need Help With Microsoft Viva and Your Intranet?

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