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About Puzzlepart

Digitalization Factory with Real People

At Puzzlepart, we empower businesses to work more efficiently with Microsoft Power Platform, SharePoint, Teams, and Dynamics 365.

Our team consists of more than 50 dedicated professionals, including developers, change managers, educators, front-end coders, IT architects, process advisors, and project managers, among other exciting roles.

Puzzlepart was founded in 2008. Today, we are one of Norway's leading companies for enabling customers to work smarter with Microsoft's cloud technologies for collaboration and efficiency.

We are specialists in change management, particularly assisting customers with implementing Microsoft 365 and Power Platform in their organizations.

In 2016, we joined Crayon Group, a global IT services company headquartered in Oslo, Norway.


Our Culture

Job Satisfaction

We are committed to enjoying our work, and to making our collaborations with clients engaging. We have a 'Culture Minister' in our management team. We also have regular all-day company gatherings where culture is a key topic.


We are diverse not only in our professional roles but also in our personal backgrounds, stories, interests, and aspirations. This diversity brings out our unique talents and perspectives, enriching our workplace and broadening horizons for everyone.

Professional Strength

In terms of professional expertise, our specialized teams keep us at the forefront in areas like app development, low-code solutions, change management, collaboration, search optimization, security, AI, insights, and more.

Vi er NÆD'ere

Our Values

We have collectively defined three values that we live by daily, towards each other, and in our work on projects.


We approach each other and customers with curiosity, keen to learn new things and explore new opportunities. We find it fun to challenge ourselves and try new approaches. We are open, innovative, and creative. We embrace change and gladly accept feedback.


We are transparent, reliable, and respectful. We are not afraid to admit our mistakes and learn from them. We are not afraid to speak our minds and share our opinions. We readily ask for help and offer help to each other.


We are passionate about our work and our customers. We are driven, motivated, and hardworking. We are not afraid to take ownership and responsibility for our assignments.

Puzzlepart Offices


Gullhaug Torg 5
0484 Oslo




Tordenskjolds gate 9
4612 Kristiansand



Do you want to work at Puzzlepart?

We are proud of our work culture. It is visible and present in our everyday life, influencing how we behave towards each other and our customers. We are committed to having fun while delivering value to our customers. The individual holds a strong position at Puzzlepart, and we enjoy a high degree of autonomy in our daily work.

We want everyone to be able to grow and develop according to their own prerequisites and interests. Professional competence is highly valued at Puzzlepart, and we have a number of employee-driven professional groups that make it easier to stay updated.

We organize regular internal professional development days (within working hours, of course!), and we enjoy an annual company trip, domestically or abroad. To ensure that we take care of our culture, we conduct regular culture surveys. We also celebrate life's many big and small joys, and are committed to taking care of each other.


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