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myProjects - Tailored Project Management

Many businesses have developed their own project models but lack a robust solution to ensure consistent application across all projects. myProjects is precisely designed for this purpose. Launched by Metier in 2011 and acquired by Puzzlepart in 2023, it provides a comprehensive tool for successful project execution within your enterprise.

How Can We Succeed With Projects In Our Own Organization?

For a business to succeed in project management, three critical elements must be in place:

  1. A unified method to work from
  2. Sufficient expertise to follow the method AND exercise good project ownership and project management
  3. A common solution that streamlines adherence to the method and facilitates interaction with all participants and stakeholders in the projects

myProjects assists organizations with realizing these elements. With data and information in one system, selecting the right projects, and executing them well, becomes simpler.


What Is myProjects?

myProjects is maintained by a dedicated product team of developers and consultants, offering:

Dashboard Overview

A coherent dashboard that compiles all management information in one easy-to-use place for all involved.

Unified Methodology

Ensures standardized project execution and actual usage of the company’s project methodology.


Effective collaboration and information management within and across projects, including external organizations and stakeholders.


Supports project owner management with complete decision-making process tracking.



Efficient and standardized status reporting.

Experience Sharing

Foundation for transferring experience between phases and projects.


Product Features

  • Customized to fit your organization, with capabilities to set up unique project models
  • A dedicated data layer for improved reporting and KPIs
  • Complete freedom in template area configurations
  • Clear overview of access controls

Advantages For Various Roles

Project Manager

myProjects serves as the project cockpit, offering simple access to best practices, templates, checklists, and other content that is often hidden in quality systems. The platform ensures a comprehensive overview of project status and includes automatic generation of monthly reports.

Project Owner

Timely and accurate information is crucial for a functional decision-making process. In myProjects, the owner management model and corresponding requirements are integrated into the same solution as project execution, ensuring predictability between project owner and manager and easy access to decision support at the right time.

Project Management Office (PMO) 

myProjects is an effective tool to implement customer project methodology and best practices, fostering a shared project culture and providing a platform for continuous improvement and knowledge sharing. Automatic creation of project spaces ensures easy access to tools and practices maintained by the PMO.

Project Participant

myProjects offers a shared workspace for all project participants, providing access to current information and documents couched in the company’s best practices and project methodology. This drives efficiency and focuses time on the real challenges in project execution.

Why Should You Choose myProjects

Overview and Predictability in All Projects

Get a joint portal for management and follow-up of your projects. myProjects ensures easy access to necessary information for everyone involved in the business. Collaboration and coordination between management, project owners, and those managing and executing the projects are maintained in a common workspace. myProjects ensures one single source of truth in one place, with the correct management information for the entire project portfolio.

Effective Best Practice Utilization

myProjects simplifies adherence to the company’s best practices for project execution and fosters a common project work culture and improvement platform.



Efficient Implementation and Quick Gains

myProjects is a cloud solution seamlessly integrated with Office applications, built on SharePoint's functionality for collaboration and document management. myProjects reduces implementation time and quickly benefits the business.


Unique Management Service For myProjects

Focus on project work and let us manage the solution. We offer service desk support, dedicated resources, and guaranteed SLA.


Who Uses myProjects?

The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency


Implementation of myProjects has been key to improving project management and governance within the Defense sector. The solution ensures actual adoption of the Defense’s project methodology, including effective collaboration and reporting.


The project portal myProjects has enabled the implementation and digitalization of company project models and workflows on a new platform (Microsoft 365), granting project members straightforward access to best practices and efficient task execution every time.

Bane NOR

myProjects makes Bane NOR’s project models and best practices accessible across the enterprise, facilitating an efficient project start-up and standardized execution.


As part of their improvement program Sirius, Mantena have adopted myProjects as their Project Portal. It is the go-to for an overview of all ongoing projects (customer and internal projects) and ensures the actual application of their project methodology and best practices. It provides a unified approach to conducting and following up on projects and ensures standardized status reporting.

Preparing for Management - Creating Long-Term Gains

The journey of change is not complete even after project completion. New tools and working methods must be maintained, updated, and developed further. This must be planned from the start, and a robust system must be in place to handle benefits realization over time.


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Arne Røst
Product Manager, myProjects