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Microsoft 365

Digitalization and Collaboration with Power Platform and Microsoft 365

Puzzlepart helps you take control of the technology. Unleash employee creativity, and give your business the tools it deserves.

Can Good Technology Make People Happy?

Yes - when used in the right way

At Puzzlepart, we specialize in helping businesses collaborate better - whether it's about creating custom apps, automating processes, gaining insights into data, migrating from old solutions, or managing documents and data in smarter ways.


Can Change Management Give Us More Creative Power?

Yes - when employees want to be part of the journey.

To succeed with new technology requires change, and change requires a willingness to participate. Our change managers focus on employees, the work they do, and how we build psychological safety in the workplace. Together, we create results and mastery that last over time.

What We Do For Our Customers

Faster Digitalization

Utilize the power of the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 to create better workflows, good system utilization, data insight, and reporting.

Efficient Collaboration

Create benefits through better collaboration, search, and document management in Microsoft 365 with Teams, SharePoint, and Viva Engage.

Proactive Management

Get better governance support and solid management for the IT department with Assist - a unique management service for Microsoft's cloud platforms.

Better Project Management

Establish better project management in your organization with leading tools for project management, developed in close collaboration with customers over many years.

Safe Change Management

Work more efficiently and become more confident technology users through professional change management with a focus on people and mastery. 

Complete CRM Solution

Dynamics 365 creates value from customer data in completely new ways. Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service support your sales, marketing, customer service processes.